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You may buy the game directly through us, or through our e-commerce partners.

1) Buy from our office:

You may give us a call on (022)-24302587 (or7738688532) and come in person to our Mumbai office to buy Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh. Alternatively, you can make a payment through bank transfer and have the game delivered to your home/site. We will provide you with our bank details once you are ready to purchase.

MRP Kids Game: 599                **Click here to watch “How to Play” video of kids game.

MRP Family Game: 999           **Click here to watch “How to Play” video of family game.

MRP Advanced game: 2999     **Click here to watch “How to Play” video of advanced game.

2) Buy on Amazon (India):

Click on game below to buy Lit’l Chanakya KIDS VERSION game (8 to 12 yrs)

Languages available: English

Lit'l Chanakya Kids Game


Click on game below to buy FAMILY EDITION game (14 yrs and up)

Languages available: English

Chanakya's Chakkravyuh Game Box


Click to game below to buy ADVANCED VERSION of the game (14 yrs and up)

PLEASE NOTE: (If showing out of stock, then call office)

Languages available: English, Hindi, Gujarati


Click to buy Corporate Chanakya Book or other Chanakya products from Amazon


4) Flipkart:

We also sell on Flipkart. Simply search Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh or Lit’l Chanakya to find our games.