Game Sessions for Kids

Program on Money for Kids Dear Parents, Do you want your kids to be financially smart and literate? Do you want them to learn financial concepts from an early age? Do you wish that they take small but financially savvy decisions? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are in the […]

Game Sessions for Corporates

Chanakya’s Money Secrets for greater corporate success Chanakya’s Money Secrets is a program catering to the corporate training industry. This program involves a game session using specially designed game materials as well as an ambience of the Chanakya era, thus creating a professional and high impact learning environment. In a typical 3 hour program, we […]

Game Sessions for various groups

Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh for group play We organize Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh game playing sessions for various groups such as: Small Business Owners Students Trainers Financial Planners Rotary/Lions Clubs BNI groups Social/Family Groups Other groups Our game sessions for the above groups are structured in a different way than Chanakya’s Money Secrets (corporate clients). Programs can be half […]