Game Sessions for Corporates

Chanakya’s Money Secrets for greater corporate success

Chanakya’s Money Secrets is a program catering to the corporate training industry. This program involves a game session using specially designed game materials as well as an ambience of the Chanakya era, thus creating a professional and high impact learning environment.

In a typical 3 hour program, we start by giving a brief introduction on personal finance and the game, followed by a game playing session. Next, we conduct a sharing and debriefing session, where participants share their thoughts and strategies used during the gameplay. This knowledge share enhances the overall learning experience. Each participant is finally given a takeaway document which includes various points about personal financial management, entrepreneurship and business.

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Some of the companies and institutions that have conducted Chanakya’s Money Secrets are:

HDFC Mutual Fund

Franklin Templeton Investments

World Trade Center, Mumbai

Edelweiss Financial Services

Oracle India

Indian Institute of Technology – Powai

AFLPI (Association of Financial Life Planners of India)

Ffreedom Financial Planners

MET College

HR College

For organizing your corporate event, please contact us at or You may also call our office on (022)-24302587 between 10am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday for more information.