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ajit ranade


Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh explains the basic financial concepts and illustrates the power of compounding, which generates passive income, wherein your wealth generates more wealth. This game makes you much wiser, stronger and richer in terms of financial wisdom and knowledge.

Dr. Ajit Ranade – Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group



sucheta dalal


Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh is a fantastic educational and enlightening tool. It is a perfect game for corporate training sessions. It helps build many inter-personal relationships among colleagues who play the game.

Smt. Sucheta Dalal – Money Life Magazine




ashok shah


Official government records indicate that out of every 1000 companies, 976 close down within three years. The biggest reason for that happening is the lack of knowledge of Arthashastra. This game is especially fitting for entrepreneurs who want to multiply their businesses effortlessly. Refer to it or play it as a learning tool repeatedly, and 99% of your problems will be resolved. You will be enlightened to take the correct steps in business.

Shri Ashok Shah, Chairman, Kutch Foundation




santosh nair

After playing Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh, my outlook towards money has completely changed. I now understand the benefits of creating passive income. This game is very addictive, the more you play, the more insights you get regarding investments and converting challenges into opportunities.

Shri Santosh Nair, Entrepreneurial Coach and Confidence Guru, Chairman Smmart




sunil karve

I compliment the Enlighten Games team for bringing forward this unfortunately forgotten “vidya” of Chanakya’s Arthashastra in a very simplified and systematic form, that too in a language which all can understand i.e. in the form of a game. All students should play Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh as part of their learning process. I wish that this game can go beyond our country’s borders to the whole world, because today’s world economy needs this kind of financial knowledge more than ever before.

Shri Sunil Karve, Founder Trustee – MET



manoj lekhi


Playing Chanakya’s Chakkravyuh will change the mindset of an individual towards creating opportunities and multiplying his/her business, 100% effortlessly.

Shri Manoj Lekhi, Educationist, Spiritual Mentor